Why Apply Fertilizer:


Fertilizer is applied to prevent nutrient deficiencies as there are many types of it. If you can identify nutrient deficiencies it can help to determine which element is limiting growth…

  • Uniform yellowing (chlorosis) of older foliage first. Leaf color fades to ivory with red hue
  • Entire plant stunted
  • Growth slows dramatically
  • Common in containerized or recently transplanted plants
  • Common in turf grown in sand
Solution: Apply nitrogen.  Soluble and insoluble forms are available

Potassium Deficiency

Typical Plant Responses:
  • Yellowing from margins toward center in older leaves first
  • Orange spots
  • Necrotic margins
  • Leaves frizzled, midrib alive
Solution: Apply potash, potassium chloride, or potassium sulfate.

Magnesium Deficiency

Typical Plant Responses:
  • Distinct yellow, inverted “V” pattern on older, mature leaves
  • Necrotic spots
  • Curled leaf margins
Solution: Apply magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt

Iron Deficiency

Typical Plant Responses:       
  • Interveinal chlorosis- young leaves turn yellow but veins remain green
  • Common in alkaline, compacted, or poorly drained soils
Solution: Apply iron sulfate or chelated iron.

Manganese Deficiency

Typical Plant Responses:
  • Interveinal chlorosis- young leaves yellow with wide green veins
  • Contortion or “frizzies”
  • Death of palm bud
  • Common on alkaline soils
  • Common in palms

Zinc Deficiency

Typical Plant Responses:
  • Young leaves abnormally small and narrow
  • Internodes short
  • Wavy or puckered margins
  • Common on alkaline soils

When Do I Apply fertilizer to a Lawn?

  • During the active growing season
  • In spring, after danger of frost
  • In early fall, before winter dormancy
  • Apply iron to green up lawn in summer
  • During establishment
  • During recovery
  • From drought, wear, insects, or disease

Selecting a Fertilizer

Buy fertilizer that contains only the nutrients you need
  • Test soil to determine what nutrients are needed.
  • If applying N, you need to consider what source to use
  • Water Soluble- rapidly released to plants
  • Water Insoluble- slowly released (preferred)