Weed Control

Weed Application

Weeds are unwanted and undesirable plants which interfere with the utilization of land and water resources and thus adversely affect human welfare.
The origins of many weeds are due to human activities.
  • ornamentals
  •  forage and grazing plants
  •  condiments or kitchen herbs
  • Our activities and disturbances have created habitats that are favourable for the proliferation of weeds

Life-cycle of weeds

Annual: completes its life cycle in 1 year or less
  • summer annuals
  • winter annuals
Biennial: completes its life cycle in
Perennial: lives for 2 or more years

Impact of Weeds

  • Weeds are opportunistic; if given the chance will compete for water, nutrients, light, and space.
  • Weeds can increase costs to your lawn for beautification Weeds can be just plain ugly to look at In some cases, weeds can threaten life and property Weeds can impact human and animal health.
  • Weeds make a good habitat for rodents, pathogens, and insects.

Weed management

  • Treat before weeds produce seed (treat small weeds)
  • Keep property lines clean
  • Clean off boots, shoes, gloves, equipment, etc.
  • Use good composted materials (free of weed seeds)
  • Keep irrigation & drainage channel clean.
  • Keep fence, roads & bunds clean